Dear forest scientists,

As part of the FoRCE experiment (www.force-experiment.com), we are seeking secondary forest vegetation plot data from around the world.

We are very keen to hear from researchers who would like to contribute data towards four objectives for a global analysis.

  • URGENT CALL, 2021. Seeking vegetation plot data comprising tree stem measurements AND liana/vine stem measurements OR liana/vine canopy occupancy. We will use the data to assess the rate of recovery of secondary forests in relation to biotic and abiotic drivers, testing our hypothesis (Marshall et al. 2020: https://bit.ly/385KZGJ). Data contributors will be invited as co-authors to contribute to all publications that use these data and will be invited to add their data to our iFoRCE database (see 2 and 3).
  • ONGOING CALL. We are creating an online database of secondary forest plot data, iFoRCE (www.force-experiment.com/iforce/), to aid researchers in accessing vegetation data for testing globally significant research questions relating to forest recovery and regeneration. For this database we are seeking vegetation plots that have been measured more than once and meet criteria outlined below*.
  • Pre-announcement CALL and inviting thoughts. A second component of the iFoRCE database will compile vegetation plot data from native forests that have been actively managed for the purpose of restoration, either through tree planting or assisted natural regeneration.
  • We intend for the iFoRCE database to form collaborations with other forest plot networks, aspiring towards a comprehensive link between all forest vegetation plot data networks worldwide.

Contact Dr. Catherine Waite, cwaite@usc.edu.au, if you are interested in making a data contribution and your data match the criteria outlined below*. All data will be handled safely and securely under a strict data policy and will not be given to third parties without permission.

Our aim is to be a friendly and open collaborator for forest restoration researchers worldwide.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Andy Marshall and Marion Pfeifer

(Principal Investigators, FoRCE)


* The criteria for data submissions are as follows:

Minimum attributes

  1. Geographic coordinates;
  2. Plot size and shape;
  3. Measurement dates;
  4. Tree stem size (e.g. diameter at breast height, circumference, height, etc.).

And for objective 1:

  • Liana stem size;
  • OR liana/vine canopy occupancy per tree stem (COI; % cover; presence/absence).

Optional attributes

  1. Repeat measurements of the plots
  2. Species identifications
  3. Quantitative or qualitative/descriptive information on past disturbances.
  4. Stand age (years)
  5. Other plot attributes (e.g. climate, elevation, slope)
  6. Comparable control plots without disturbance or management